WashAndGo 23.05

Cleans up your system from unnecessary files and increases system's speed
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WashAndGo is an all-in-one tool designed to remove all Internet traces and all garbage registry entries, as well as to correct any system errors. Thus, your computer will recover valuable disk space, will gain in stability and security, and your privacy will be protected from prying eyes. In order to make sure that no damage is done to your system during the clean-up process, WashAndGo will back up all your data prior to removing it from your computer.

Its clean and well-structured interface is not only attractive but also easy to use for all kinds of users. Except for the manual selection of registry entries to be removed – which require some knowledge of how the Windows registry works – any potential user will be capable of making the most of this utility without any specific skills. Just to be on the safe side, the program comes with a Backup Center that will allow you to restore your system to its previous status if something goes wrong.

The initial scan process is both fast and comprehensive. It will check all the main areas that the program has been set to take care of – Internet and system traces, registry entries, and system errors – and will offer you the possibility of unchecking those items you want to the program to ignore during the cleaning process. Once the cleaning has been completed, you will be informed about the total number of traces, files, and entries that were removed or fixed and the total disk space that the program brought back for you. The cleaning process produces also the most comprehensive report you could ever dream of. After cleaning my laptop, the program presented me with a 135-page PDF report detailing every single change performed in my computer – traces removed, registry entries deleted, etc. – which is much more than I could ever ask from any cleaning tool.

Both the scan and clean-up processes can be automated and scheduled, so that you don’t need to wait until your system is clogged up again with garbage to use this tool or set reminders to launch WashAndGo periodically. This neatly-designed tool will help you prevent browsing traces, garbage files, and broken registry entries from piling up on your system, thus compromising your privacy, slowing down its performance, and taking up disk space unnecessarily.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Clean and well-structured interface
  • Allows you to select manually the entries to delete
  • Fast scan process
  • Built-in uninstaller


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